U10 boys

Age group: Year 5  

Training details: Saturdays 09.30am - 10.30am

Where: Scaurbank, Linton Road, Wetherby LS22 6SD

Matches: Saturdays or Sundays

Coaching team: Bob Elderton, Richard Hope & James Roberts

Mob: 07792932709

Email: bob@accessbuildingproducts.co.uk

U10 football should be and is fun. We play in the Harrogate and Wharfedale District Junior 7v7 football league. We train on the pitches at Scaurbank, over the footbridge from the sports association.

We practise ball skills, team work and play small sided games, ensuring training is fun and engaging for the boys, providing game related practices, that develop them across all areas of the FA 4 Corners Model - technically, physically, psychologically and socially.

We ensure that the children are in a safe and friendly environment, and we focus on team work.

We insist that a parent/guardian is present for the duration of training and all players wear shin pads and suitable clothing.

Cost: £135 (includes WSA membership fee of £35) for the entire season and includes kit, training and food after home games!

We insist that a parent/guardian is present for the duration of the practise and all players wear shin pads and suitable clothing.

If you would like to try out a training session please call Bob on 07792 932709 for more information.


Wetherby Athletic U10 Football Team

Wetherby Athletic Gala 2019

Wetherby Athletic Gala 2019

Wetherby Athletic Gala 2019

Wetherby Athletic Gala 2019

Match Day Preparations

Match Day Preparations


Our players are predominantly in year 5 at school, and are from Wetherby and surrounding areas.  We currently have a squad of 18 players and play in the Harrogate U10 League.


The coach John Darroach is a volunteer who has an upto date CRB check, and is FA Level 1 Qualified.

Our responsibility to look after the welfare of the children is paramount. We will focus on creating a safe environment that is also lots of fun and develops football skills by using the FA 4 Corner Model which is explained later on.  We know that children don’t try to make mistakes and so we will focus on positive encouragement, reward effort rather than ability, give constructive feedback and display appropriate behaviour as we recognise children may copy the way their coaches behave. 

Matches and Laws of the Game

We play in the Harrogate League against teams from Pannal, Pannal Ash, Killinghall, Kirk Deighton, Wigton Moor, Ripon, Clifford, Beckwithshaw, and Knaresborough.

You may not know but there are only 17 laws of the game, with these being age adjusted for junior football.  The laws for U9 football are included in full in appendix 1, but in summary a match usually consists of 2 x 15 minute halves, with a maximum of 7 players a side, using a size 3 ball and goals no bigger than 12ft by 6ft.  Unlimited rolling subs are allowed, there is no offside, all free kicks are direct and attackers must retreat to halfway line for goal kicks.


Nothing can happen without the support of the parents, we all appreciate that having a child in the team is a big parental commitment and thank you for that.  It is important that children play for fun and parents have a big role to play in ensuring that.

Wetherby parents are the best we’ve seen for supporting and encouraging without interfering or confusing the boys by coaching from the touchline.  The most important thing at this age is taking part, enjoying football with friends and learning new skills rather than trying to win every match at all costs.  The boys usually forget the scores after 5 minutes so the adults should too.

Help with setting up goals, etc for matches and training is much appreciated as it allows us to get on with the football as quickly as possible.  It would also be much appreciated if we had volunteers to wash the kit after matches, we only play about 20 matches a year so it’s not too onerous.



Our normal training area is on The Ings near the footbridge.  We train from 9.00-10.00 on Saturday unless we are playing a match at home, usual match kick-off is 10am.  Teams are not allowed to train on the match pitches to protect them from overuse, particularly when it is wet and muddy.

We will aim to follow training themes with specific session plans for each week’s activities.  Every session works best if planned and organised in advance, and a normal session should consist of a dynamic warm up (such as running with the ball under guidance from coaches) before leading into a series of activities that progress in degree of difficulty or teamwork.  We will always aim to include a number of mini matches in every session, as well as fun sessions such as beat the coach shooting practice.

The training sessions should encourage player development across all elements of the 4 Corners Model and will often pick up on learning and development points identified in previous matches or sessions, or suggestions from other coaches, players and our FA mentors.

We will make the training realistic and clearly linked to match play by using similar sized pitches, goals and timing, so that when the boys play a match it feels familiar and they can directly relate their training to the match.

As coaches we aim to guide whilst allowing as much free play as possible so players learn by trial and error rather than direct instruction.  We will encourage rather than criticise and give the players opportunities to take responsibility, such as choosing their positions and organising themselves during a match.

As the season progresses we will also look to set players individual targets and challenges to further help their development and engagement.

Summer football festivals

A number of festivals take place between Easter and school summer holidays.  We will aim to take part in as many as possible, including hosting one at Wetherby in June.  The club pay for entry to one festival, others must be paid for by parents (cost is approximately £5 per player) and details of events will be made available soon.

Awards Day

We will have the Annual Wetherby Junior Football Club Award Day in May.  More details will be available nearer the time but all players will receive a medal for their efforts during the year, with a number of trophies to be awarded including “Player’s Player of the Year”.